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Sponsor Family Application
Program Eligibility: Sponsors must be at least 28 years old and live within 25 miles of the Coast Guard Academy in order to be considered (exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis). Active duty military must have a rank/rate of E-7 or O-3 and above.

Sponsor Last Name:*     Sponsor First Name:*   
Spouse Last Name:     Spouse First Name:   
Home Street Address:*     
City:*      State:*      Zip:*   
Preferred Phone:*     Secondary Phone:    
Preferred Email Address:*      
Secondary Email Address:    
How many miles do you live from the Academy?*    
Sponsor's Children Living at Home 
Name:      Age:       
Name:       Age:          
Name:      Age:           
Name:       Age:           
Which most accurately describes your current status?*                                    
PLEASE PROVIDE TWO CHARACTER REFERENCES (Name, email and/or telephone number of references and your relationship to them):* 
Name:*    Phone:*   
Email Address:*    Relationship:*   
Name:*      Phone:*   
Email Address:*    Relationship:*    
Please enter the number of cadets you would like assigned to you this year.*    
How many sponsor cadets from previous years are you still active with? Please enter their names below.    
How many years have you participated as a cadet sponsor?     
Please enter the name of each cadet you are actively sponsoring. If you are active with more than four, please list surplus names in the "additional information" field at the very end of this form. 
Sponsor Cadet Name:     
Sponsor Cadet Name:      
Sponsor Cadet Name:      
Sponsor Cadet Name:      
Specific Cadet Request 
Cadet Name:      Relationship to Cadet:    
Cadet's Home Address:     
Cadet Name:      Relationship to Cadet:    
Cadet's Home Address:     
IMPORTANT: If you request a specific cadet by name, if possible please contact the cadet and ask that he or she requests you specifically by name as well. Otherwise the cadet may be assigned to another family if the cadet's preferences don't match. 
HOUSEHOLD AND GENERAL PREFERENCES: The following information about your family will solely be used to assist in the matching process. All answers are to be provided on a voluntary basis. 
What is your ethnic background? (Select all that apply)                                   
What is your religious affiliation? (Select all that apply)                                    
Do you allow smoking in your home?*       
Are there pets in your home? (Select all that apply)*                                    
How frequently would you expect visits from your cadet(s)?*                                    
Do you have any preferences concerning the cadets to be assigned?*                                    
To the extent you have any preferences, please indicate them below. We will attempt to match your requests as closely as possible. Please understand that matching is made with the cadet's preferences considered first, and the family's second.
Cadets will also be asked to state their preferences; to the extent they have any. If the cadet states no preferences, he/she will be matched according to the preferences of the sponsor family.
1.  Cadet Gender:                                   
 Female    Male  
2.  Cadet Ethnic Background:                                   
3.  Cadet Home State:                                  
4.  Cadet Religious Background:                                  
5.  Cadet Sports Affiliation:                                    
If you listed preferences above, please list them here by number in order of importance.