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Cadet Profile
Brooklyn Andreasen  Brooklyn Andreasen
Ceres, CA - Class of 2013
Major: Government  

I have received word that I am the very last person to submit my bio. This is not something I am proud of, however it is a reflection of the thought that I have put into this brief introduction of Brooklyn Andreasen. That’s me! I am currently 19 years old but will be out of my teens on February 6th as I finally turn 20. I am from the small town of Ceres, California, an agricultural area that allows its residents to drive to San Francisco for the day. This means that I live in the Central Valley of California and can easily travel to enjoy the snow and ski in the winter, and can also visit my family at, yes, the beach in Southern California. I am also an International track Government major at the United States Coast Guard Academy!

After speaking with this program's advisor and relating my inability to draft anything that communicates who I am, she suggested that I write about something that has impacted me. So I will instead say that my home is a very special place for me and more importantly, is home to my friends and family. These are the people who inspire me every day to attempt something extraordinary. I look to them for guidance, and in return receive healthy amounts of sarcasm but also support. I love to read (have you ever been grounded from reading a book? It’s not fun), ride horses, sleep, listen to music, and spend time with friends and family. I like being involved in community activities as well those going on at the Academy and am involved in the International Council, Mock Trials, and Cadet Law Society here at the Academy. These are the clubs that I am most active in.

As of right now my aspirations include GRADUATING, being a good officer in the Coast Guard, becoming a lawyer, and eventually being able to read as much of and whatever I want. I wish everyone who has a goal of their own a lot of luck! I have never been challenged like I have at the Academy, this is truly a unique experience that I will carry with me always. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Best of Luck,