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Cadet Profile
Profile Keemiya Pourmonir  Keemiya Pourmonir
Pittston, PA - Class of 2017
Major: Mechanical Engineering  

Hey you guys! My name is Keemiya Pourmonir, and I was born and raised in Pittston, Pennsylvania. It’s a small city in Northeastern Pennsylvania about a four and a half hour drive from the Coast Guard Academy. In high school, I tried almost every sport before I found out what I really liked, and did not realize what sport I was actually good at until my senior year. This having been said, if you still are not sure about what team you belong to there is no need to worry. In high school I started out playing volleyball, soccer, and running track in the winter. After I realized I hated running, I switched from winter track to swimming and from volleyball to field hockey. My senior year was the first time I was ever recognized for my athletic abilities. My field hockey team was the division champion and I made the first team all-stars as the main goalie. I often hear I do not look like a goalie, but my small size, while deceiving to the other teams, did not prevent me from putting everything I had into every game.

I like to play sports, but I like to read and listen to music just as much. I spent a majority of my free time, when I am not with my friends, reading books. I prefer to read books that are part of a larger series, but any book can be a good one. I could spend an entire afternoon content with just a book. I grew up the middle of three siblings. My oldest sister, Ariana, is a graduate of the United States Coast Guard Academy’s class of 2010 and is currently stationed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is what inspired me to join the Coast Guard. She is currently engaged to Chris Mohnke, class of 2009. I also have another older sister, Alyssa, who attended the Academy in the Class of 2014 for two years before transferring into SUNY Maritime in Throggs Neck, New York. She will graduate as a civilian early this January. My last sister is eight years old and plans to attend the Academy as soon as she gets through elementary school, but I explained to her she might have to wait a little bit longer than that. My family has been extremely supportive and comes up to visit as often as possible. They are the quintessential Coast Guard family, which you will find a lot of at the Academy. Pride and devotion are not just characteristics of Coast Guard officers and enlisted members, but also of the majority of cadets’ families. They know the missions and duties of the Coast Guard and respect the great name of our service.

While I have always said the CGA was my first choice for college, I am not sure if I always really meant it. Military life is not easy and I knew this from my sisters. I applied to numerous colleges and between the many acceptances and scholarships it became clear to me how much harder the CGA might be. I realized I could always just go to a regular college and have fun and considered this, but then I thought about all the endless results of going to college to have fun. The most prominent things on my mind were the debt, lack of structure, and distractions. I made the choice to be debt-free, driven to success through a military structure, and focused on my academics. I knew it might not always be easy, but it was the only choice that would be right for me, which is what makes attending the CGA the best part of my life.