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Cadet Profile
alt name  Luke Carani
Gilberts, IL ‐ Class of 2015 
Major: Operations Research and Computer Analysis  

Hello! My name is Luke Carani and I was born and raised in Gilberts, Illinois. Growing up in the Midwest, my knowledge of the Coast Guard was unfortunately limited, and it wasn’t until August of my senior year of high school that I even considered applying to the USCGA. But now, here I am! Sitting at the Academy writing blog articles and hopefully helping to answer any questions for those of you in whose shoes I was standing not so long ago!

In high school I played basketball and soccer, and I was also involved in the school musicals (although I can’t sing at all). I love to play sports, work out, read, hang out with friends, bake, and cook, and I’m always willing and open to try new things. I love listening to music as well, and some of my favorite bands/artists are The Classic Crime, Billy Joel, Taylor Swift and anything country! I can’t play any instruments but I would love to someday learn the piano!

Here at the Academy I row on the crew team, and it is an experience like nothing else. The guys and the coaches are great, and you know that every practice is going to challenge you mentally and physically. I am an Operations Research Computer Analysis major (ORCA), so essentially a math major, and I am also involved in Officer’s Christian Fellowship (OCF), Peer Tutoring, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at Please don’t hesitate; I would love to answer any questions you may have!