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Firstie Division Work

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Kimura Photo Every year brings new responsibilities as well as new benefits for cadets. The most obvious rewards come after 3/c year when we are able to wear civilian clothes during liberty hours and we also have ‘shorts’ (unlimited overnights from Saturday to Sunday). From 2/c year to 1/c year, the big ones for me were being able to keep my Prius on base to drive myself around and liberty on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


On the flip side of the upper-class rewards is the division work and new military obligations. As a first class, each month I stand about six Officer of the Day (OOD) watches, which consist of maintaining accountability of the company for the entire day and handling the situation if any dire event occurs. In addition to OOD, 1/c also stand about one or two Regimental Command Duty Officer (RCDO) watches, which require the RCDO to ensure the safety of the corps, brief the Superintendent, and check on the other watch standers.


Finally, the last large responsibility taken on as a 1/c is division work. By senior year, 1/c cadets manage a six to eight-person division composed of 2/c, 3/c, and 4/c. Each division has a unique field of work ranging from morale/community service to planning Parents’ Weekend. This year, I am overseeing the yearbook, known as Tide Rips. Fortunately, I have two divisions to assist in the creation of the yearbook over the course of the year. I plan for this year’s yearbook to focus especially on the individuals of the corps because sometimes being a ‘sea of blue’ makes us overlook how unique the Academy’s cadets are.


If you would like to be a part of the yearbook, we have a new app called “Yearbook Snap” or online at, password “uscga,” which allows anyone (friends, family, and cadets) to upload Academy photos for the 2017-2018 school year. The yearbook team can use photos from that picture bank when creating the various pages, such as Homecoming, sports events, dances, and Parents’ Weekend, etc. The more help the yearbook team has receiving photos of the most memorable moments of the year, the better this year’s yearbook can be!


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