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Inaugural Parade: Infinitely Proud to Serve

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Cadet Photo Last week I marched in the Presidential Inaugural Parade. It was truly a whirlwind trip! Ninety of us left the Academy at 0200 on a bus and traveled to the Naval Academy. At USNA, we were each paired with a cadet host and got the opportunity to eat in their wardroom and exchange stories of cadet life. I have always been curious about the other academies and it was really awesome to see a bit of how they run. I can honestly say, however, that the USCGA was the best choice for me. USNA was so gigantic…I had a hard time finding my way around!


The next day we practiced marching and drilling with our pieces before being bused to D.C. The majority of the day was spent going through security checkpoints, which involved a lot of “hurry up and wait.” It was almost dark by the time we began marching and even then there was a lot of starts and stops. Finally, we turned onto Pennsylvania Avenue. As we marched along the route, we were greeted with cheers of “Go Coast Guard!” and “Thank you for your service!” Even though the march was cold and long, hearing those cheers made me infinitely proud to serve. At the command of “Eyes left!” we snapped our eyes to the left to see the President of the United States saluting us as we passed by. I am so proud to have represented the U.S. Coast Guard and the Academy in front of our great nation! God Bless America!


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