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So Close to Freedom!

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Auzenbergs Photo I am currently sitting in the library looking at a soccer ball with a sharpie face drawn on it, wrapped in one of my extra bed sheets, wearing my issued nanook, and I must admit… it really does resemble a baby! My job this week was to take a regular soccer ball and pretend it was a baby that I should carry around with me to classes, meals and basically anytime I wasn’t in my room. I needed to make up random Coast Guard facts about it and introduce it to anyone who asked as “Bobby.”


Why, you ask!? Well, this upcoming Sunday is 100th day, or the day the 4/c must relive Swab Summer with our old cadre (now 2/c) for a few hours. Logically, that makes this Monday 101st day, better known as the day that the 4/c are supposed to switch roles with the 2/c, and watch them brace up, square around and greet us. We know that this will not happen as expected but in order to even earn the possibility of carry-on for a day, we as 4/c need to earn the 2/c shoulder boards! This can be accomplished by completing physically challenging, mentally challenging, or just plain embarrassing tasks. I have seen some 4/c doing pushups in the P-ways, riding around Chase Hall on broomsticks, performing spirit missions on the upper-class, and spouting off indoc facts to prepare for Boards at the end of this month. To me, my challenge falls in the embarrassing category and most of my fellow 4/c get a kick out of it at my expense… but it’s all in good fun.


Boards are the indoctrination test that all 4/c must take toward the end of the spring semester to earn carry-on for the entire class. This is a very exciting time but also extremely nerve-racking. No one wants to be that kid who can’t pass and holds the whole class back! Plus, when you pass as an individual or company, you slowly earn more privileges before full carry-on is granted. Studying the 64-page packet of facts about Coast Guard heroes, flags, cutters, aircraft, rates and ranks, and historic events won’t be fun, but every single 3/c, 2/c and 1/c cadet had to do it, so it’s definitely possible.


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