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“Lead Me to the Rock That is Higher Than I”

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Culp Photo My Christian faith has been an integral element of my experience at the Academy. It’s what gets me through the hard times, when I am frustrated or perhaps questioning why I chose to come here. But, more importantly, in the good times it helps me understand how blessed I am and how loved by Christ, and humbles me when I remember that all my joys come from His might. This summer, I got the chance to learn more about how to use my faith to become a stronger leader and officer by attending the Rocky Mountain High program in Buena Vista, Colorado. This is an adventure camp open to 2/c and 1/c cadets at the Coast Guard Academy, and unites us with cadets from West Point, Navy, Air Force, and ROTC programs as well as with a mentor who has served or is still serving as an active duty officer. For my week, we had a Marine Corps pilot who shared some incredible (and some sad) experiences from his active duty career, and how God was present in all of them.


While I was there, we did some pretty cool things, namely whitewater rafting, rappelling down a cliff face first, and scaling a 14,420 foot mountain…but I am fully convinced that doing fun activities is not why God placed me at that camp. Being there gave me a sense of reassurance about my career and my future. Heading into firstie year has been a bit nerve-racking. I’m already actively engaged in applying for flight school, busy with division work, and trying to motivate myself to remain a diligent student with graduation so close. I’m anxious about Billet Night, anxious about my performance here in my last year, anxious about preparing to commission… but, I realized from Rocky Mountain High that I am not alone in those concerns. The neatest thing I got from RMH was hearing about the struggles and excitement that all the other cadets from across the country were facing and, to my surprise, those were awfully similar to what I felt in my heart. Not only that, it’s always good to get a reminder of God’s presence in my life and in the events awaiting me this coming year. From what else can I draw my strength and courage, other than the feeling of God’s love?


The motto of Rocky Mountain High comes from Psalm 61:2 – “Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Literally, we’re talking Mount Harvard…but even that mountain is smaller than the rock on which my faith stands, that is the rock of God’s love. I’m so grateful to have been blessed with this week in Colorado, getting to know my classmates better, meeting new friends, and coming closer to my Savior. And to think I grew so much in one week! I wonder what God has in store for me over the next 41?


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