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Cooperation Between Cadets

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SukchaPhoto Greetings! I am 4/c Saranjoe Sukcha from Class of 2019. I am currently in Bravo Company. As an international cadet from Malaysia, there are several reasons why I decided to join the Cadet Blog Club. I believe cooperation between cadets from different countries and United States cadets is important. They help build a positive military relationship between various countries and the U.S. In order to strengthen our ties, we share knowledge, skills and learn from each other. As an international cadet, I am happy to share my experiences and my observations throughout my journey at the United States Coast Guard Academy. We have heard comments from around the world stating that U.S. service academies have created professional leaders in all military branches. Being here for only a few months now, makes me agree that it is completely true. As an ex-officer cadet in the Royal Malaysian Navy at the National Defense University of Malaysia, I realized that there are big differences in the training of cadets.


Furthermore, what I will bring to this unique program is the thoughts of a foreign cadet about the great experiences in this academy. I am happy to be at this academy and I am looking forward to majoring in Marine and Environmental Sciences. I will also share stories about my involvement in the Cadet Glee Club, Pistol Team, International Council, and Asian Pacific American Council (APAC). I am truly glad to be here and look forward to experiencing more wonderful moments and activities at the Academy.


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