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How It All Began

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2019) Permanent link   All Posts
Johnson Photo In 2013, one week of summer changed my entire life. It all began with the AIM program; it was a shocking experience. Never had I ever faced such a rigorous program that tested my physical and mental capabilities to such a high extent. Initially, I hesitated to attend but as the week went on, my motive became clear. In that short one-week period, I had made some of the best friends in my life (some of which I still keep in contact with to this day). I had come to admire the family-like characteristic of the Coast Guard in addition to its various missions, which revolved around saving rather than taking lives. From then on, it had become my goal to join such a unique branch of service, through the Academy.


My grades in high school weren’t the greatest but they definitely weren’t the worst. Classes such as Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics often gave me trouble but that never deterred my resolve to apply to the Academy. The process of applying to Academy was terribly stressful – the anticipation of the “yes” or “no” verdict sent daily chills down my spine! As you have probably guessed, my typing here is enough evidence to bring this cliffhanger to a close, but the story doesn’t end there. While I did receive my appointment, it was on a conditional basis. Through the USCGA Scholars program, I would attend one year of prep school at Marion Military Institute in order to strengthen my academics. Afterward, I would then receive my appointment to the USCGA as long as I adhered to the academic requirements. Conditional or not, I was overjoyed for the opportunity that I was given.


It was events such as these that helped to shape me into the cadet I am today. AIM was the initial spark that triggered a great resolve in me. From there on it was the Scholars program that let me mature and become better acclimated to the academic rigors of the Academy. I wouldn’t trade either of these experiences for the world.


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