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Different Perspective

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Auzenbergs Photo One month into my second year here at the Academy, and I could not have imagined the difference just one summer would make. Coming back as a 3/c was the weirdest feeling. Being called ma’am, being allowed to look around and use all the “shortcuts” on campus like certain sidewalks and side doors, and wearing rec gear out on liberty as opposed to trops was great but odd! I have also realized how many small monotonous tasks the 4/c have to do that make each day that much more difficult. Now, not needing to do those things like clocks (counting down from 10-minutes to go until each meal), taking out the upperclassmen’s trash, greeting everyone who walks by you in the hallway, and studying for indoc tests (information learned during Swab Summer that 4/c are quizzed on weekly during the school year), it feels like there should be more time in the day. Keeping that in mind, my schedule is just as packed, with classes 0800-1600 twice a week, and a four-hour lab on Tuesdays and Thursdays, soccer practice from 1600-1800 Monday through Friday, and homework to fill all the gaps.


Getting back into soccer was easily the highlight of my year. I could not play right away when we came back in August, but after a month of strengthening, running, and getting my touches back, I finally played in my first game in a year this past weekend. Being on the soccer team is definitely my favorite part of the Academy, and practices and games are what I look forward to each day. The annual tournament that we play in was a blast this year – we travelled to Fredericksburg, Virginia to play the University of Mary Washington, and Randolph-Macon College. The team does a great job of keeping things lighthearted and fun, and this year we have a shot at a record-breaking season. The few hours a day spent having fun down at the soccer fields are what really help me get through each week, and it’s an added bonus when the team is doing so well!


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