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Middle School Me in Retrospect

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Kimura Photo The academic year is in full swing whether I want it to be or not. Things are happening fast, such as Homecoming, midterms, my first diving meet, Halloween, and many others! College life can make it easy to forget to take a step back and reflect. On Wednesdays, I enjoy volunteering at one of New London’s middle schools. The experience is a great opportunity to reflect on my time at the Academy in comparison to when I was in middle school.


Last Wednesday, I had the shock of realizing how old I am when I discovered there are now online P.E. classes (the concept still baffles me) and online math classes; 150 students with computers teaching themselves algebra. I was not the only one to learn something new; I had the chance to answer a few questions the students had. Such as, “Do you have to do push-ups all the time?” I get that question frequently because, for some reason, people think I attend 24-hour fitness training and not school. I informed them that I can do push-ups, but right now I’m only focusing on my classes. Another question I got was, “Do you have fun?” There are many versions of fun, but my answer is definitely “Yes.” My college experience does involve much more responsibility then that of a typical college student, but I understand the investment of my hard work now will pay off in the future.


The whole interaction reminded me of my middle school self during my sister’s first year at an academy. Apparently my biggest question for my sister was “Do you have to wake up early?” Yes she did and so do I; 6 a.m. Monday through Friday. But actually, that’s an hour later than I did in high school.


These questions may seem obvious after being at the Academy for more than a year, but I cannot forget it is not common knowledge. If you have any questions about the Academy, or cadet life, feel free to ask; no question is a silly question.


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