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Why the Coast Guard?

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2018) Permanent link   All Posts
 Martorell Crespo Photo First of all, coming to the Coast Guard was and is a blessing. It is an opportunity that not everybody gets. Coming to another country and knowing that English is not your first language is tough, a challenge, but not impossible.


When I was in 10th grade, I watched the military channel with my brother and started to love the military. But to sum it all up, my brother was my inspiration and motivation to join this service. He was the one who told me about the Coast Guard, even though he wanted me to join the army. I told him what I wanted, my dreams, and my goals. Based on that, he told me about the Coast Guard and I was able to apply. It was a challenge for me because I had to take lots of exams before coming here and waited two months to get an answer, but in the end I was that fortunate one who won the scholarship to come here and study for four years, out of 12 or more applicants from different countries.


I am now a cadet in the United States Coast Guard Academy, representing my country Honduras. I want to become an officer and after graduating, return to my country and put into practice everything I learn here and apply it there.


I just love what the Coast Guard does and offers to us cadets and humanity as a whole because it is a lifesaving service, protecting all natural resources, maritime traffic and commerce and last but not least it is part of the national defense. I will not only help my country but try to help Honduras become a better place.


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