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It’s All About the Morale

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Kimura Photo The year has finally gotten underway. School has been in session for about a month but through the new hectic daily routine, the weeks are flying by. Thankfully, our upperclassmen and clubs have helped make the transition from the physical strain of Swab Summer to the fast-paced academic rigor of the school year easier. Although academic and military life can be stressful at times, there are so many outlets available for me. I really appreciate groups like Asian Pacific Awareness Council (APAC), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Society of Women Engineers, Morale Division and the Judo Club because they give me an escape from daily life.


Activities like these highlight my week or day; from the lunch excusals, to division dinners or practices, it’s time away from the chaotic life in Chase Hall. I especially enjoy my judo practices because I forget everything academic and military when I step onto the mat, and I interact with my upperclassmen as teammates. Besides judo practices, my favorite group here that directly helps fourth class is Morale Division, which is the “pick-me-up” of Chase Hall. Since school started, Morale Division has gotten Golf Company doughnuts every Monday to motivate the company through the week. In addition to Mondays, every Wednesday, hump day, Morale Division plans something special for us. In the past weeks, they have treated us to cotton candy, chicken wings, snow cones, smoothies, pie contests, and carry-on. I am always looking forward to what they have planned next. In order to enjoy the school year, instead of surviving through it, it’s essential to appreciate the little things and be proactive in the clubs and activities offered here.


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