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A Non-Stop Semester

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Cannon Photo Well, this semester has been literally non-stop, with campus tours, hosting prospective cadets, working out for baseball, and no longer being a freshman! That last part might honestly be the brightest aspect of this year so far. I honestly can't put into words what it is like to be a sophomore, there are countless things I am no longer required to do like squaring my meals, marching to and from class, among other obligations. Now that everything has settled down and been a lot lower key this year, I have been able to focus more on baseball, something I am very passionate about. I can not wait for this upcoming season, and all of the challenges that will come with it.


In addition, the Academy kept me even busier than in comparison to freshman year, I can hardly believe Thanksgiving break is already approaching fast. It seems just like yesterday that I was a little freshman, trying to survive. But with time, I have learned more than I could ever imagine, and I feel like I will be prepared for this upcoming summer to train the incoming freshmen or even possibly be involved with the AIM program. I think it would be awesome to have an opportunity with the AIM program especially because I would help lead three different groups of high schoolers, potentially getting to find out my leadership style. I am anticipating what this year will continue bring to the table, and I think I am prepared for new challenges that will come my way!


Go Bears!
3/c Colton Cannon


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