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Nothing I Can't Handle

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Racz Photo Crew season has officially gotten underway. I competed in my first ever collegiate competition in Middletown, Connecticut against Wesleyan University. Though it was great to be out and competing, the race did not go too well. We lost by a good amount, so it wasn’t the best way to start of the spring season. My next race was against Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. We didn’t race their varsity because they are a top Division I school for rowing, but we did race against their third and fourth varsity teams. We did average in the race, but a lot better from the previous week. I’ve had great experiences so far in my first two races of the season. For someone who didn’t row in high school, I’ve had to make big adjustments and adapt very quickly. I look forward to my races in the future because I love competing and representing the United States Coast Guard Academy.


In a month from now, I will be heading off to my summer unit in Florida. I’m nervous, but excited at the same time to take the next step in my cadet training. During my time at my unit, I will be able to experience the role of enlisted personnel in the Coast Guard. I will work with the enlisted members in order to complete the jobs that they do in a typical day. I am a little nervous to go to my unit, but I know that I have the tools necessary to do the best job that I can on the cutter. I’ll be going with another 4/c who I know well, so that will help if I ever need assistance during my summer training. I will then have the opportunity to spend six weeks on the Barque Eagle. I spent a week on Eagle over Swab Summer, but this summer I will have the opportunity to get more hands-on training. I will get to bond with my classmates as well. This summer should be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get started.


At this point, the 4/c are beginning to transition into the roles of 3/c. We are beginning to get more responsibility and are being trusted to do a lot more than before. It feels weird knowing that I will be a 3/c in less than a month. It is a lot of responsibility, but nothing that I can’t handle.


Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone who may be making your college decision. Remember that no choice is a bad one. Go to the place that will give you opportunities and bring you happiness along the way.



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