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Anticipation of Summer Adventures

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Ledzian Photo Second semester I am taking less credit hours of class, 20, an easier semester on paper at least. Now three months into the semester I am still trying to match my rhythm from first semester. Boards, school work and track occupy what seems like every waking moment of every day. Spring break was a week of reprieve but once I returned to the Academy it was quickly forgotten. I do miss the warm Florida weather, only to be replaced with freezing conditions in New London. I remember enjoying the cold weather and snow, for about two weeks. Spring seems to be taking its time. The anticipation of summer adventures and an end to a long school year is pervasive. I will be traveling the Caribbean on Eagle and then head up to Station St. Emerald Isle. It is exciting to think of the coming adventures: climbing the rigging on Eagle, visiting foreign ports, and taking out a small boat. It is also easy to get trapped in a bubble and forget about the outside world, but soon I will get to leave to the Academy, for the summer at least.



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