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Finishing Second Class Year, Moving On to the Summer

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Duplessis Photo The downside of being extremely busy constantly (besides that in itself) is that the weeks, semesters, and years seem to fly by. I cannot believe there are five weeks left of my 2/c year at the Academy. I find myself having to constantly take a breath and enjoy the opportunities I have been given this semester, and take the time to enjoy being in a place with so many of my friends.


I am extremely grateful that I was able to be Guidon for Golf Company this semester. My 4/c are exceptionally hard working and disciplined, which has allowed me to step into more of a guidance role instead of an enforcer one. I’ve enjoyed developing them as followers, and feel confident that they are all ready to take the next step as role models. They will all be great representatives during their upcoming summer in the fleet as well, and I look forward to working with them next year.


For this summer, I will be doing six weeks aboard Eagle, and then five weeks in Sitka, Alaska aboard the CGC Maple. I’m very excited for both of these phases, as Eagle is a great way to prepare for the Maple, and an awesome way to master the subjects I have been learning in NautSci this year. I’ve also never been to Alaska, and cannot wait to experience what it is like in the summer while I’m aboard the Maple (a 225’ seagoing buoy tender). This summer, I will also be treated as more of a junior officer at my assignments, so I will be able to get a look into life after I graduate. Summers at the Academy are where cadets truly learn and develop, and I cannot wait to get started.


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