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Flying Through February

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Mills Photo This second semester has flown by faster than I could have expected! January was a whirlwind but I was wishing for it to pass so I could get to the excitement of February. The core began the month of February with a morale event on Super bowl Sunday called 101st night. It is a morale event for the 2/c and 4/c to switch places for a day. The 4/c earns the 2/c shoulder boards on 101st night. It is also called 101st night because there are only 101 days left to go until graduation. It was a great experience and it was one more obstacle accomplished to get the class of 2017 closer to carry on.


February also started the 4/c boards exams. This is probably the most important military test that the class of 2017 has to take. It is another obstacle before carry-on and the test ensures that we are ready to join the fleet for the first time this coming summer. I was able to pass my boards on the first try on February 11. I was so nervous going into the room, but my 3rd class and shipmates helped me to prepare. My roommate and I celebrated our passing by dancing around in our room to the Frozen soundtrack. A privilege of passing boards is music aloud and being able to write on your whiteboard outside your door. It may seem small but being able to listen to music aloud while folding laundry or doing homework is so awesome.


My next big event for February was that I turned 21 Presidents Day weekend! It is so surreal that this landmark age has finally come upon me. To end my exciting February, we had a water polo competition February 22 in Vermont. Yes, I did take on water polo as my spring sport. Having never played and not being that great of a swimmer, water polo has been a rewarding challenge for me. Anyway, the competition was a great bonding experience for the team and I even got to participate at one point. February overall was a great month and with spring break a week away, I am ready to recharge and relax on a beach with my family.


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