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So Many Learning Experiences…

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Driscoll Photo Connecticut really does get cold. The polar vortex of the first week back, combined with some wintry delights, has made living here unbearable at times. When the wind chill or the temperature drops to the single digits—or even the negative digits—going outside is not fun at all! We’ve only had one-half of a snow day (we closed early and opened late), but I’ve already seen more snow than I think I ever have seen before! Hopefully, it gets better…spring is coming, right?


Crew is always a learning experience, in my opinion. After taking the PFE the first week back, we launched into phase 2 of our winter training plan, gearing up to spring break and sprint season. Each piece is difficult in its own way, and nothing makes my day more than being able to help one of the guys finish his piece. There’s something indescribably cool in helping and motivating someone to cross the finish line. It makes your day; in my case, it generally puts me in a great mood for the rest of the night. Each day down at the boathouse is a learning experience, as I learn more about how to make a fast boat go faster…


The first round of papers and tests are coming up quickly: from here on out, it’ll be hell week almost every week. I’m sure it is the same story in high schools across the nation, where applicants are finishing applications (due February 1st) or playing the waiting game. Best of luck to everyone! If you ever have questions, or want to learn more about the Academy, please email me at Until next time, stay warm and do great things!


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