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Our Favorite Week So Far

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Sandri Photo The week before winter leave was finals week at CGA. Finals are often thought of as a stressful time of year, but for me and many other 4/c, it was our favorite week so far. During finals week, the 1st Lieutenant (the 1/c cadet in charge of guiding the 4/c) granted us modified carry-on in the wardroom. This meant we were able to look at our food and not have to square it or brace up. In addition, closed door study hours ensued after lunch; these are time periods during which cadets are allowed to close their doors and sleep, or spend the time as they please. Usually, we must keep our doors open and stay awake during the workday, which begins at morning formation and ends at 1600.


Despite studying hard, I had a considerable amount of free time during finals. Luckily, this wonderful week coincided with the first large snowfall of the school year. One evening, a friend and I ventured outside and ended up sledding for hours on the hill that runs from Chase Hall to the auditorium. We used Tupperware box lids for sleds, which worked surprisingly well! It was a lot of fun, and a great way to top off the semester.


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