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Christmas So Soon

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Daniels Photo Season’s greetings to all from the CGA! It’s astonishing how quickly this first semester went by. It seems like yesterday that I was scared out of my mind with my cadre yelling down my back. Now all of a sudden, the first semester is over, and it’s time for Christmas leave. For some of my shipmates, this is the first time that they get to see their families again, which is a big step in their careers. Since I live in Connecticut, it’s less magnificent, but it does mean that I can help people out who need rides to the various airports around here.


Finals week has been stressful and relaxing at the same time. I’ve had more time on my hands than I’ve known what to do with. I never really studied hard in high school, and now my inability to do so has been fairly detrimental to my preparation. I’ve sought help from upper-class and my classmates, and they were a huge help during this week above all.


I’m really looking forward to seeing my high school friends again, and our schedule lines up with the choir concert at my old school, so it will be nice to see that. I’ll also be able to drive again, which is always a plus. It is going to be harder than ever to return form break after two and a half weeks of normalcy. This is going to be the true test of our class, to see who wants it bad enough to give up everything.


Until next year!



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