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Tis the Season

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Ulbricht Photo As the tinsel and ornaments are taken out of storage, and hung up to add some Christmas cheer to our rooms, it is difficult to not want to cuddle in my soft blankets with a mug of hot chocolate and wait out finals. Tis the season not only for gift giving and making cookies, but also the end to another chapter (or half a chapter at least). Looking back from the beginning of this year, a ton has happened, both good and bad, learning experiences and smiles. Unfortunately, some of my best friends no longer go here, but we had another great cross country season and my grades have improved drastically! There is a lot to be thankful for! Tis the season to stop and be grateful for what we do have, something I am horrible with. I get so caught up with academics, and extra activities, that I tend to look more on the bad, and not as much on the good. I asked a 4/c the other day how they thought their year was going, and I was surprised at their response! They said it was not bad at all, and that it’s really what you make of it!! Maybe some of my classmates’ motivational speeches this summer were absorbed!


I recently interviewed for a leadership position within the company for next semester and one of the questions I was asked about my personal values. One of the values I said was enthusiasm. I believe that if you do not have a slight smidgen of happiness in what you are doing, then why do it? I also mentioned that I try to find one good thing out of any bad situation, especially in a place like this where it is easy to think about the negativity so often when things are not going the way you want them to. Tis the season to think about the goodness in life, and cherish those little moments that made you smile. That alone, when applied daily, will make for a less stressful life, at least that is what I have learned from my experiences here.


It’s hard to believe that first semester of 2/c year is almost over. Just yesterday it seemed like our class was raising our right hands on that hot June afternoon. This time next year the end will be in sight!! I am excited to see where the rest of the year takes me, and how many more doors will open with opportunities and obstacles.



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