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October Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

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Fordham Photo Holy cow, how did I make it to the end of this month? Midterms demanded more time than I had – imagine being given 36 hours of work to do in 24 (don’t forget to factor in sleep!) I’ve been working on my time management more and it’s helping significantly. But my work is constantly ahead of me, keeping up is tough enough; I can’t even grasp the concept of getting ahead.


My midterm grades showed that I am not a complete failure, but there is definitely room for improvement. My 2.8 GPA was no shocker, however strange due to the fact that I was a 3.9 student in high school. (My mom got mad at me. “Sorry for taking 19 credits, Mom.”) What can I say? It’s not high school…


Update on the foot: No more crutches, boot, cast, anything! It’s great being back in uniform this month! ODUs and Trops and everything are exciting! (At least right now.) Even the blisters are better than crutches. We’ll take it!


One thing I miss a whole lot that I didn’t expect to miss are my pets! My dog specifically. I am participating in a community service event this weekend that will give me a chance to play with dogs from an adoption center. Who would pass up snuggling 120 dogs? Not this kid. Moral of this story: If you plan on coming here, love your pets because you will just want to die when you are deprived from puppy kisses for several months. One tip, don’t buy a depressing dog book to read in your spare time because that’s what I did and I was just a mess.


This is really random and unorganized.


It’s strange being out of the loop, it’s kind of like the Academy becomes its own little world and you don’t hear about what happens outside of the gate. So, news comes and goes but it doesn’t seem like we’re ever really affected by things, apart from the government shutdown of course.


There was just so much that happened this month I can’t even put it all into words. I’m just chugging along!


Go Bears!


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