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Subtle Impacts

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Racz Photo The government shut down had a profound impact on our nation. With our country still trying to put the pieces together, I feel as though it is a good time to reflect. While other academies felt the full force of the government shut down, like MMA, the impact on the Coast Guard Academy was more subtle. Though the Academy felt a little emptier because of grounds crews and other civilian faculty absent from work, daily operations went unhindered for the most part. Although, I will say the shut down may have affected the 4/c cadets the most. One of the many tasks that 4/c are responsible for is cleaning, especially involving taking out the trash. Due to the shutdown, trash bags became nonexistent in the gearheads of Chase Hall. It seemed that when the government shut down, so did the use of trash bags. This caused great disdain throughout the fourth class. This meant that instead of just taking out the trash bags to the dumpster, we as 4/c had to take the entire trash can out to the dumpster and then clean the now dirty trash can after we were finished. This caused a lot of extra work. So let’s just say I’m happy to see that trash bags have been restored to the wing areas around Chase Hall.


Crew continues to go well. Coach Regan’s “odd” words of wisdom are actually starting to grow on me. I say odd because some of his thoughts come out of nowhere and they all still find their way to the point he is trying to instill on us. The Head of the Fish – the big race for the novice rowers – is almost a week away. Our boat is finally starting to put it together. We were off to a very shaky start, but we have come together as a boat to work on the problems that we have had. I look forward to getting out on the water in New York and showing everyone what I and the other seven rowers in my boat can do.


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