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We Are Family!

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Daghir Photo Hello blog readers,


I have been quite busy as of late, thanks to a full Marine and Environmental Science (MES) schedule, combined with the fun, but full, weekends of cheerleading, and on top of all of that, the typical stresses of Academy life. We have just come out of Homecoming Weekend that included multiple drill/marching related events, a football game, and more than usual evening trainings. It seems that I have had three tests a week for the past few weeks, and project due dates emerging slowly from the syllabi of most of my classes.


Despite my endeavors as a typical third class cadet, I can say that I am as happy as I can be. I have an immense support structure that can rival even the worst of my days, and can provide for me a family in Connecticut in addition to my family back home in Maryland.


Everywhere I look, I find friends and role models, and parental figures, all of whom live either at the Academy or work there. My friends are a huge reason for my happiness and success. I have found people at this school who will be honest with me, laugh with me and make me laugh. People who I can do homework with during the week, and then go out with on the weekends. They can tell when I am down, and they know me well enough to know how to make me smile. I love my friends at the Academy, and the group continues to grow as I spend more time in my new company and expand my interests. I know that many of these people I will remain close to for the rest of my life.


Whether I am with my friends or not, if I am looking for a running destination, or a hangout spot for a few hours, I was connected last year with a sponsor mom who has created for me a haven away from the Academy. She has opened her home to me and often times some of my friends. She has taken me apple picking, on a trip to the aquarium, to buy a pet plant, and she has supported me at my sporting events and will be my coach for lacrosse. I love her company and I enjoy cooking with her, and hanging out with her in a setting other than the Academy.


Another huge support of mine is the religious community at the Academy. I have been on multiple weekend retreats, attend Friday Night Fellowship whenever I can, and I love to go to church with my friends on Sundays. I am comforted to know that I am able to feed my spiritual self without even leaving the Academy campus.


I have to say that I feel very lucky to be this happy, and for the opportunities that I have been given. My family in Maryland has supported me and continues to do so, but a six-hour car ride has made me lean on my support system here, a system that has more than met my social, academic, and spiritual needs.


I hope that this wasn’t too long of an entry but when I get started on all of the people who support me, I have to say that the list isn’t short!