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cadet blogs

Autumn at the Academy

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Beck Photo All of my fellow 4/c and I are in the swing of the Academy life I think. We’re kept busy with full schedules of academics, sports, and military trainings. We’re just coming back from Columbus Day weekend, one of our precious three-day weekends. After weeks of routine on campus, everyone takes advantage of the opportunity to spend a couple of nights away either with family or sponsor families or even just with a group of friends on a train trip to Boston or NYC. I usually choose to spend time with my amazing sponsor family, we get along great and days with them really allow me to unwind and remember what the “real” world is like.


This weekend we really embraced fall, cooking off a 40 lb. pumpkin and pureeing it into delicious pulp. It took hours and three pairs of hands to slice it, get the seeds and strings out, bake it in pieces, and then finally blend it up. So far we’ve only made cookies with it but there are plans for pie, muffins, pancakes, and more! We also took a trip to Mystic to see a Corvette show where on display you could find everything from a one day old model to models over 60 years old. We ran into a retired Coast Guard Captain from the class of 1974 who bought the ’74 Corvette he had on display as a senior at the Academy. It’s always great running into alumni because there’s an automatic connection and natural way to start a conversation about how the service changes and even get a few sea stories if you’re lucky


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