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The Support of Family and Friends

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
 Tress Salvatori Photo Hello again! It is almost unbelievable how fast time goes by here at the Academy. It is almost Columbus Day, which means that we are in the middle of the semester. Swab Summer was a challenging experience but the real challenge has just started. Being able to manage your time in order to accomplish academics, military training, sports and personal life in order to be successful is difficult.


The first months are rough because it is hard to manage your time efficiently to be productive. I tried to balance everything at the same time but things were getting a little bit messed up and I was not that productive. Then I made the decision to switch my plan. First, I balance my academics with the military obligations and from there figure out an efficient plan. After being comfortable with that, I start adding sports and personal life in to my previous plan. There are some days of the week that are pretty stressful but there is no better way to reduce stress than to just take a break, chill a little bit with my shipmates and then get back to business.


One the most important things to keep on going successfully at the Academy is family and friends’ support. For me being away from home is not a big deal, I have been away from home before, the big deal for me is being in a foreign country. There were some days when I couldn’t find someone to talk to about my feelings and thoughts. This may be caused by the language barrier. In those days what keeps me going is the communication with my mother and father. They are my great support and they provide me with a lot of energy. For Parents’ Weekend, they were here! That was so amazing. That was so far the best weekend of this semester. It was sad when they left but it was worth it. The following weeks my energy level and my enthusiasm have been all the way up. It is important to keep on producing at a maximum level and to keep up with the standards that are required here at the Coast Guard Academy.


Finally, the first pictures that you will find in my entry were my first contact with the Coast Guard. The Captain in the photograph (Captain Robert T. McCarthy with his wife and my mother) interviewed me before coming to the Academy and later on he visited my school for a very special ceremony. In the other photograph, you can see my mother and my father (the Admiral); they are my great role models. This was a very special moment in my life because I had my great support to encounter the beginning of a great journey.


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