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You Might as Well Make It a Party

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Kuntz Photo During Swab Summer, our cadre always told us that they were preparing us for the stresses of the school year and the fleet. The entire time they’d be saying that, I’d think “pssh, school… how different can it be from high school?” Classes have always been pretty easy for me. I was a varsity athlete and captain all through high school on top of being president of multiple councils and involved with numerous extracurricular activities. I thought I was used to stress and time management, but let’s just say that I underestimated the school year a lot.


So far, in just these four weeks of classes, I’ve had three tests, a paper, numerous group projects, nightly homework on top of varsity sports practice, and military obligations (and I can’t forget my favorite thing, weekly indoc tests!). Things aren’t getting easier, but I’m getting more used to day-to-day life here at the Academy. Now that everything is in full swing, I’ve developed a routine that I think will definitely be my saving grace for the rest of the semester and the school year!


4/c year isn’t supposed to be the best time on the planet, mostly because we still have a lot of work and training to do in order to be successful cadets. Throughout all of the stresses of the week and all of the work that has to get done, I think people forget that we’re in “college.” Granted, we’re not out partying like most of our friends back home, but we are partying in our own “Academy” way. I make it my goal every day to be positive and focus on the fun that we are having. Everything here is so much easier if you can have fun with it! My roommate is awesome and is one of my best friends here. We make everything a “party” and always try to have fun and get our work done. Shoe shining parties, chemistry parties, and fruit parties are some of our favorites. It’s definitely the little things, but life here is what you make of it, so you might as well make it a party!


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