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Powering Through the First Semester

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Krause Photo The start of October marks the end of my first month as a cadet at the Academy. This past month has just flown by! 4/c life has been such an adjustment from Swab Summer. Unlike Swab Summer where your day is constantly dictated, during the school year time management is all on you. As 4/c, we have to handle all of our military obligations, on top of our school work and sports. The overwhelming amount of work can sometimes seem impossible to get done with the limited time we have. Now that we are moving through our second month of school, I am getting better at just taking each task one at a time, which helps reduce some stress.


Though academics, military obligations, and sports take up most of our time, we still manage to sneak in some fun (even as 4/c). The constant support of my classmates has helped me handle the pressures of the school year and I look forward to growing even closer as a class. I also love being a member of the cross country team. The opportunity to have such great teammates and leave campus on meets and off base practices has made the start of the academic year so much better. It is also really cool to represent the Academy through athletics, which motivates me to try for my best performance each race. So far we have been able to travel to several big meets that have all been incredible. I would definitely suggest getting involved in a sport or club because it’s great to have a bit of a break from the work. I’m excited to see how the rest of the cross country season goes and I look forward to powering through the first semester. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me at


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