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A Month of (Somewhat) Back to Normal Life…

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Fordham Photo …if you can consider being braced up and squaring ‘normal’. It is for me now!


After two strenuous months of Swab Summer, a hectic week of initiation trainings and then the start of school, my life has slowed slightly. Actually, it slowed exponentially after I was put on crutches for breaking my foot. (You never really think about how many hills are on this campus until you’re: a) running on them or, b) crutching up them.) Despite this, determination to be a good cadet drove me to learn how to crutch faster than some people walked normally. Of course, the stairs got me every time. But that’s beside the point.


Now: academics. Going into college, we all know, it’s going to be different. Speaking from my perspective, it’s really not that different apart from the sheer amount of homework. I’m proud to say that I’ve only stayed up past midnight twice to far... and both times were because I had to clean. Your shipmates will help you through a lot of your homework if you’re struggling, but if worse comes to worst you are entered into a mandatory CASP session (like me), which is actually awesome! (Kind of).


While the Coast Guard is still a huge change in my life, it’s slowly but surely becoming more natural to me. I can’t wait to see what else it will bring!


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