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Rivalry Known? Check!

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Corbett Photo Hello Everyone!


For my first post I want to talk about the Secretaries Cup weekend. As most of you reading may know, there is a slight, sort of, I guess you could call it a rivalry, between the Coast Guard Academy and Merchant Marine. The week leading up to the game is spirit week. The 4/c or some like me at least, go crazy. We yell “Go Bears,” “Bear Mania,” or “Da Bears,” to every upper class we see as to greet them and spread the morale. There are different morale activities throughout the week to keep everyone involved and 4/c are encouraged to do spirit mission, which are like little pranks on upper class.


The week definitely gave a lot of buildup of what was to come. We heard the rumors of it being crazy at points during the football game. Wait, though, come on…we are military schools, how crazy could a tiny little rivalry be? When the busses pull up some glares started to be thrown. The upper class warned us, the 4/c, to not be too rowdy. I just moseyed on along to my water polo match unaware of the potential of this– sorry, I have been understating–this incredibly serious rivalry! This was my first water polo match and the stands were full of Coasties. Only a few MMA’ers showed up. Well, we ended up winning, which showed the potential of the CG water polo team this season. The MMA team did do very well for a team of 12 against our team of 33, but the outcome was inevitable.


After the water polo game, I headed back to the stands. To my surprise the spirit of the corps was impeccable, everyone standing and cheering for our football team. Some shenanigans were had. To say the least my cover was taken from me by an MMA freshman. They also tried taking our cadet flag. They were never successful on that front. We however were! As 4/c we are in charge of the morale and spirit basically, if we are happy everyone else is happy! Our shenanigans were all in response to actions taken by the other side. We protected our corps and our belongings and maintained posture while also responding, and well, causing a little havoc of our own. I was never a fan of going to sporting events before this. After seeing what went on that weekend, trust me, the aura around the events puts a smile on your face and you are guaranteed a fun time!


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