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October Already?

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Duplessis Photo All upper class cadets can attest that at the Academy, the days and sometimes weeks go by slow, but the months absolutely fly by. I feel like I am fresh from my summer assignment, but my calendar tells me I’ve already been at school for more than a month and a half. Half of my soccer season is gone, and around 50 days to go until Thanksgiving break. Wow.


Academically, it has been a much better year for me since I’m enrolled in mostly major-specific classes. 2/c year is when most people really get into their majors, which is a huge relief for everyone. For Government majors like me, it is awesome to get into my own track, which is International Relations, as well. I personally enjoy studying the relationships between different countries and what kind of diplomacy the United States is involved in. Every major at the Academy can be equally important, but I think Government (which basically consists of the fields of military and civilian law, international relations, and intelligence), is definitely useful for a future in the Coast Guard. We have patrols in a variety of different countries, and it’s important to know their different regulations and laws as well as the overall feeling they have toward us.


Knowing what is going on, or rather not going on, in Congress is nice as well. The service academies are directly influenced by what is going on in the government, and instead of panicking because I have no idea what will happen to all of us, I can ask informed questions and plan accordingly. Fortunately for my shipmates and me, school has not closed down yet, but all athletic and military activities involving travel have been halted. The civilian teachers also are not being paid, which is extremely unfortunate because we have some of the best staff in the country. It is frustrating (and I’m sure all other military members feel like this as well) to know that a few people stand between you and protecting your country.


It is during times like this that I reflect what serving your country truly means, and I hope I continue to have the opportunity to do so.



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