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Fall-ing into the Swing of Things

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Corcoran Photo Green leaves are changing to bright red and orange hues, the weather is getting cooler and more brisk, and the most important part of this season has finally arrived: pumpkin coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts. Fall has finally arrived in New England and I could not be any happier. However, I could definitely do without the copious amounts of papers, exams, and homework that all of my teachers decided to assign this month. Regardless of the workload, the autumn season at the United States Coast Guard Academy is a great time for all. Sporting events have taken up a lot of the corps of cadets’ time as there are soccer, volleyball, football, and rugby games, and of course, the most important sport – cross country races!


With about a month and a half into the school year, we have all started to finally settle into the swing of things at the Academy. I no longer cringe when I hear a fourth-class cadet greeting me as “Miss Corcoran, Ma’am” when I pass by them. However, I still find squaring movements awkward, but admit that sometimes it is humorous to watch the fourth class square around objects in the passageways.


Last weekend was Parents’ Weekend at the Coast Guard Academy, which provided a great deal of morale for the corps! I love whenever my parents visit me at school and I know all of the families enjoy being able to see what a day in the life of their cadet is like. My parents were really looking forward to seeing me in the regimental review on Saturday, but luckily for me, (I mean really really unlucky of course) I had a cross country race that morning and had to miss drill. My parents say I look, and I quote, “really legit” in the Parade Dress Blues we have to wear to regimental reviews.


Well, other than the normal operations at the Coast Guard Academy, Columbus Day weekend is coming up soon which means long weekend for the corps. :) I have a cross country race on Saturday, but am planning on making a trip to Boston afterward so I am really excited for that! Also, the weekend after that is Homecoming weekend, which should also be a fun, morale-filled weekend. And of course Halloween is at the end of the month with the Halloween dinner and trick-or-treat on the hill where the cadets get to dress up in their costumes and go trick-or-treating to Admiral Stosz’ s home.


As always, any questions – ask away!



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