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Good Afternoon, Ma’am

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Ellis Photo The first taste I had of being a third class was when I first arrived back at Chase Hall. I walked inside the building and I ran into a fourth class. Upon seeing me I was greeted “Good Afternoon, Ma’am.” Little did they know, but they turned me from a fourth class to a third class, because “You’re a swab until you see a swab.” I’ve now been back at school for a month, and I have to admit, it is so much better being a third class! I no longer have to square my corners or take the trash out or memorize indoc and just this alone has made my year so much more enjoyable. It has also given me a lot more opportunities to do my homework and spend time with my friends.


Now this might seem like I don’t do much of anything now, but I have a lot more added responsibilities. Firstly, I am in charge of two fourth class that I am supposed to guide throughout the semester. I have to ensure that they follow the rules and help them militarily or academically. Not only do I have this added military responsibility, but also academics have gotten harder. I no longer have the standard fourth class courses; I have classes that are major-specific, including Marine Biology and Meteorology. So far, I really enjoy all my classes, but especially these two. The labs are definitely my favorite part. Just this week, for Marine Biology, we took a field trip to a local estuary and collected fish from the marsh.


Even though this is just the start of my third class year, I cannot wait to continue on my journey all the way until 100th week when I am half way done my time at the Academy. I honestly can say that with spending more and more time here, my devotion continues to grow; not only for the Academy but also the Coast Guard.


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