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First Semester 2/c Year

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Meyers Photo Summer is over now and the school year has begun. While my experiences over the summer were absolutely amazing and unforgettable, I feel ready to start work again for Electrical Engineering. I can already feel how the strenuous semester I had last spring has prepared me for this year. What I mean by that is that while I’ve been conditioned to do so much work, now it doesn’t even seem like a lot of work, I’m just used to it. I have what I would have considered a heavy homework load last year and still have plenty of free time for myself. Between the summer programs like Coastal Sail Training Program (CSTP), a tough semester last year, and being a Swab Summer cadre, I’ve learned a lot of time management skills that have shown in how I do my work during the school year.


Another huge thing to note is that the longer I am here, the less I want to leave this place. 4/c year was pretty rough, there’s no way around it, but I stuck through and made it to 3/c year. Being a 3/c presented its own challenges, but was clearly better than being a 4/c. Now that I have some responsibility in the corps, I feel much more at home. Being a 2/c means that you’ve stepped up from just doing your job, to making sure that others are doing theirs as well. From follower, to role model, to mentor and eventually to leader, the Academy gets better year by year and I’m sure the fleet will be even better!


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