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Last Few Weeks Before Summer

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Daghir Photo Hello!!


It’s the last day of April and I am so excited! I just finished my last test of the year and all I have left is finals coming up next week. It is really hard to imagine myself underway on Eagle in less than two weeks. I have been keeping up with my school work and I just finished the offshore sailing season last week. It has been pretty crazy at the Academy. We had a luau at dinner last week, the second class just had their ring dance on Saturday, and Castle dance (the firstie dance) was last weekend! We are all getting pretty excited about the summer, no matter where we are going. I just realized that I need to start to pack up my stuff and get ready to leave! We have had carry on for a few weeks now, and it is very nice. Last Thursday, one of my friends from my high school (the Science and Mathematics Academy at Aberdeen High school) came up as a prospective cadet. It was funny because I can’t believe that that was me a year ago. I think that I have come pretty far in the past year. I have been successful in school, I have tried some new sports, I marched in the Inaugural Parade, I was restricted for a week because I had an Instagram account, I got my wisdom teeth taken out, and I have made some incredible friends that I am excited to share my summer with. I don’t know that I have changed much at all, or a lot, but I definitely think that I have matured and I think that I appreciate the small things in life more than I used to. All in all, it’s been a great year, and I have to say that I am not dreading the next three years. Although they are going to be challenging and not always fun, I can’t see myself doing anything else.


My family is coming up right before I leave for Eagle which is nice because I will have been done with all my finals, and I can celebrate my birthday with them! (My birthday is this Sunday! I am turning 19!)


I am going to my friend’s house for the long we get the weekend before finals. I am excited to relax before I get into that last week.


The next time I blog, I will be a third class cadet!


Have a happy May :)