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Onward and Upward

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Daghir Photo Dear blog readers,


Today is April 12, 2013, and it is FRIDAY!!! This week has flown by and by this I mean that I would believe it if someone told me that today was Wednesday instead of Friday. Now in the homestretch of many of my classes, the semester has about two weeks left before finals week and then summer assignments!!! My shipmates and I can barley wait for May 11th, when we all board USCGC Eagle and head for the Caribbean. I am pretty lucky because most of my closest friends will all be on the same Eagle phase as me, in addition, I will be going to summer school after Eagle and many of my friends will be doing the same. I am taking summer school courses because I started in the Introduction to Calculus class rather than Calculus 1, and I am a Marine and Environmental Science major now, which means that I need to be done with Calculus 2 by next semester. I will also be taking a leadership course this summer, which will be put me ahead and give me an extra space for an elective somewhere down the road.


Classes have been going pretty well for me this semester although they have been a bit more challenging than last semester. Statics and Chemistry have been probably the hardest classes but I have also been working pretty hard in Honors English.


With only two weeks left before finals, as a class, 2016 has been getting pretty excited for carry on. We are waiting for one last 4/c to pass boards and if he passes on Sunday, then WE GET CARRY ON!!! I am super excited and really hoping that he passes. But even if he doesn’t we will have to get it at the end of the semester.


We are hanging in there and I cannot believe that I am about to be a third class cadet in a month!!! I am so excited about my future in the Academy and in the Guard. The Atlantic Area Commander came and spoke to the core yesterday and he was very motivational. We have a lot to look forward to!


Next month will be a big one, consisting of my BIRTHDAY, finals, and Eagle!!!


Good bye for now!