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The Upcoming Summer

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Townsend Photo As this week comes to an end we are all even closer to the end of another semester at the Coast Guard Academy. At times it seems as if the world speeds up its rotation because this semester had flown by and everyone is starting to reminisce about another school year coming to an end. The first class cadets just received their billets for their first assignments afloat and all of the second and fourth classes are anxiously awaiting our summer assignment billets. The summer is always a training period for all classes so that we can continue to learn and grow even when we are not in school. Your first training summer is Swab Summer where, for most people, it is their first experience in a military environment and they have to learn and adapt to this lifestyle. Then you move on to 3/c summer where you have your first involvement in the Coast Guard fleet. The majority of 3/c go on CGC Eagle for half of the summer and then to another CG unit for the rest of the summer. During 2/c summer you are cadre for the incoming class, and it is your job to train the swabs to ensure that they are able to become part of the corps once the fall semester starts.


This coming summer I will be experiencing my 1/c summer, where I will learn valuable leadership traits that I hope to apply during my 1/c school year and when I become an ensign. I will go out to the fleet again to experience more hands-on missions of the Coast Guard and to decide what I want to do for my future in the Coast Guard. I hope to go to CGC Eagle again for half of the summer because of the exceptional leadership opportunities that are offered and then I hope to go to a buoy tender on the West Coast for the rest of the summer.


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