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It’s Almost Easter!

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Cardoza Photo Spring is finally here! For someone that was born and raised in San Diego, I must admit that the winters on the East Coast are almost unbearable! After Spring Break, I went from a whole week of high 70-degree temperatures and beaches to low 30 degrees and snow. However, the Dark Ages are finally ending and the sun is coming out! Cadets become very excited when spring is here. It means that the semester is almost over, and even though we still have to make it through finals week, our summer assignments are just around the corner. I found out that I am going to be a Swab Summer cadre during the first three weeks of Swab Summer. I am extremely excited to be able to participate in this tradition that has been a part of the Academy. I am even more excited to have the opportunity to help high school, prior enlisted, and prep school men and women go through the development of growing from a swab into a cadet. I know that my cadre had a drastic impact on my view of the Academy and of the Coast Guard, and I can’t wait to, hopefully, be able to impact the lives of some other people as well.


It is going to be an amazing summer and I am so ecstatic to end the school year and become a part of cadre already! Not only are our summer assignments coming up, but spring training for baseball is also right around the corner! Even though I get a lot of ridicule for being a Padres and an Arizona Diamondbacks fan, I am still staying loyal to my teams and I can’t wait for baseball season to finally be here!


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