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It’s That Time of Year

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Frost Photo It is the most anticipated time of the year for the 4/c – BOARDS. We are currently preparing and taking our Boards indoctrination exams, one of the requirements as a 4/c. Once we all pass as a class, we can earn full carry-on. So, everyone is of course eager to pass. Boards requires a lot of hard work and studying to prepare for the exam, but once you pass I’ve heard it feels amazing to finally be done. I take it for my first time tomorrow night. Hopefully all goes well, and I pass.


To make matters even more exciting, sailing season started two weeks ago, and spring break is just around the corner. The past two weekends I have traveled down to Florida to race, and this Friday I head off to Charleston for another regatta. It’s definitely nice to escape the cold once in a while. Tomorrow we are scheduled to have our first practice of the spring season. I am excited to wear a dry suit for the first time ever!


As I mentioned, spring break is just over a week away! The energy and morale of the corps is growing as everyone is ready for a break. I am particularly lucky this year because the sailing team is training in St. Petersburg, Florida, and I get to go home!


I can’t believe the “dark ages” of winter are almost over; the past two months have flown by! We have been quite busy though. 101st night and 100th day was a great experience. We, as 4/c, get to earn the shoulder boards of a 2/c and watch them be 4/c for a day, while we carry-on. I also experienced my first ever blizzard, Nemo. The entire 4/c had a massive snowball fight after watching a movie in Leamy Hall in the middle of the storm. All in all verything has been going great!


As always, never hesitate to email me at with any questions.


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