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Cadre Assignment Season

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Driscoll Photo So, what’s new in the wonderful world of CGA since I last wrote? (This would of course assume that I remember the last time I wrote…which I don’t remember. So…) The biggest thing these past two weeks has been cadre assignments for Swab Summer 2013. To all of you who are getting appointments to the Class of 2017 right now, please rest assured that the Great Class of 2015 is getting ready for you all to join the corps. Swab Summer will be a blast! (For us maybe…)


Anyway, our e-resumes (the request sheet for assignments) were due last week, and cadre selections have been going on throughout this week. Most of my classmates want to be Chase Hall cadre, either for the swabs, the AIMsters, or the CGAS cadet candidates. However, I want to be an Eagle cadre. I think that the idea of getting underway time, away from Chase Hall, where I can show the swabs exactly what “a liking for the sea and its lore” means, is pretty awesome. However, this is not a general consensus: some of my classmates will have to be "voluntold" to be Eagle cadre. Anyway, I can’t give away too many of the surprises about Swab Summer…you’ve got to experience it for yourself! If you have any questions, please never hesitate to email me at I promise I won’t bite until R-Day. Haha, just kidding!!! (Maybe?)


The weeks are flying by until Swab Summer arrives. I hope that everyone who has accepted an appointment, or is eagerly awaiting one in the mail, is as excited for the adventure of a lifetime as my classmates and I are!


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