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Where Fall Semester Left Off

(Academics, Athletics, Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Subramanian Photo It feels as if the spring semester picked up right where the fall semester ended. Following a week for preparations and listening to many speeches, classes began. After the last semester, I have entered this semester focused and ready to go for another engineering-dominated year. As a mechanical engineer, I will be taking Dynamics, Engineering Materials Science, Differential Equations, and Ships and Maritime Studies. In the fall, I took three lab courses. Now, I only take one lab on Tuesdays, and classes from 8 to 4 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


I am also taking racquetball as a class. Every morning at 0800, I get to play racquetball for an hour. It is a great workout first thing and it wakes me up for the day. I get to play with some of my friends, many of whom are more athletic than me. They are helping me become a better racquetball player and overall athlete. With a 0800 PE class, I can now get a weightlifting session in before classes. This is another chance for me to get a workout, and it allows me to dedicate the afternoon to boxing.


In boxing, we are now preparing for the Regimental Open, which will be late February. There are many new boxers who have come out to participate. I will still be recovering from my shoulder injury, so I am helping to coach the new boxers, as well as rehabilitating. There is no doubt that this Academy tradition will be successful again.


The corps already had one long weekend this semester, celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. During the long weekend earlier this month, I traveled to Boston. I visited my civilian friends at Northeastern University and Boston College. It was good to spend a weekend away from the grueling lifestyle of the Academy. I am already looking forward to President’s Day Weekend, where I hope to take some of my fellow cadets to New Jersey to visit my hometown. That weekend is not far away, so it is important that I stay motivated!


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