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Way Down in Georgia!

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Krakower Photo Another Glee Club/Chorale trip in the books. They keep getting better and better for some reason, and perhaps that is why I am so fond of them. Last year around this time the group went down to Fort Worth. It was a marvelous time, so we expected the same of this trip to Atlanta and then Savannah, Georgia. We were ever so correct. We held three performances, two in the Atlanta area, and one in Savannah. All of them were good, but the one we did in Savannah was exceptional. It was in a very old church, and there were probably 200 people there listening to us. Overall, the trip was incredible, and one for the books.


Of course, while we weren’t performing, the group was out and about, enjoying the warm weather and the activities. We got there late on Thursday night, and woke up in Peach Tree City on Friday morning. We decided to go to the heart of Atlanta, and check out the Georgia Aquarium, which was fantastic. Lots and lots of aquatic life (who would’ve thought?) After that, we had our first performance at one of our 1/c’s old high school. It went very well, and we continued our last day in Atlanta by walking around and eating Chick-fil-A before our last concert. After many tastes, I can tell you that there IS a difference between Georgian Chick-fil-A and other Chick-fil-As. Georgia Chick-fil-A is better.


We got to Savannah the next day, and of course, we were put in a haunted inn. A woman committed suicide there and haunts Room 204. Which rooms were we in? 201-203. It was freaky, to say the least. Savannah turned out to be an excellent stop, with a lot to do. The riverfront, some historical sites, and the restaurants were just a few things we saw. The nightlife in Savannah was fantastic and we enjoyed it thoroughly. We ended up watching the Conference Championship games at one of the best burger places ever created. And while we did get a few chills, no dramatic ghosts appeared to us throughout our stay.


With that, we headed back, and here we are again in New London. I get to go to Montreal in a few days for Model U.N., so there will definitely be a blog for that! Until then, back to school at the fine institution known as CGA!


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