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Second Semester Already?

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Wright Photo I guess it has been a while since I have sat down to write a blog entry but hopefully this one will make up for my lack of writing recently. December was a hectic month for sure, well at least for the few weeks that I was at the Academy in December. Finals were a whirlwind; within one week they came and went and before I knew it I was on winter leave. Leave was pretty amazing; I had my best friends in from out of the country which was wonderful. I got to spend my Christmas break with my family and the closest friends I have; aside from all of my outstanding shipmates of course. I was also able to log several hours flying and complete my light sport pilots’ license, which was awesome but it defiantly kept me busy.


In the two weeks I have been back at the Academy it seems like things haven’t stopped for one minute. Our first week back was full of meetings, book issues, stressing about our physical fitness exam all week, and finally taking our physical fitness exam. We were fortunate enough to get a long weekend, which meant that we got to leave on Friday night and come back on Sunday, so some of my friends and I were lucky enough to spend time with my wonderful sponsor family. I also got to work on our Habitat for Humanity house on Sunday, which was a pretty awesome event, painting for six hours, who wouldn’t love that? It was really touching to hear about the family who was getting this house; it made the long hours of painting a little less painful. Finally classes have started and after only one day of class I can tell that this is going to be a challenging semester. The freshman have our big examination to earn our 3/c (sophomore) shoulder boards coming up in just a few weeks, and 101st night to look forward to which is basically just a flashback to the summer where we get yelled at and such for about 2 hours…can’t wait. On a brighter note we have MLK weekend this weekend and I’ll be going to Yale and New York with one of my shipmates so that is my motivation to get through the week.


Again if you have questions about anything just shoot me an email at


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