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My Experience So Far

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Patron Photo My 5th semester completed and at this moment I am on the train home. This semester was by far the most enjoyable. I learned a great deal about myself as well as academically. I had a great opportunity to talk to a few thousand people online about the Academy and it was really nice to share my experiences. With my little brother finally a freshman in high school, it is scary to think that my time at the Academy is coming to a close and graduation is sooner than I thought. I am happy, excited, nervous and unsure about what is to come. What I do know is that the Coast Guard has done a great job taking care of me and ensuring I am on the path toward success.


I do hope that what I told my viewers online really speaks to them. I wrote nothing but the truth. It is hard to be here. It is challenging mentally, emotionally, physically but there is no better feeling than feeling accomplished for that I have done. I love to tell people about what I have learned from my experiences and that is why I am writing to you now. I, unfortunately, did not look up things like cadet blogs or online Q&A sessions. All I knew was that a service academy provided top-notch education and a stable career following graduation. I did not know about the specifics, such as what a daily schedule was composed of or what liberty meant. Luckily, I found some great friends and we all figured it out together as well as asking upper-class. Still, I would have liked to know things in advance and I applaud those who are doing so.


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