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Holiday Cheer (With a Few Finals Thrown In)

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Corcoran Photo Well, it is official now – exactly one week until I get to go home for almost a whole month of winter break! There is something about the holiday season that just makes everyone so much cheerier. Personally, my favorite parts are Christmas lights, family, eggnog, and buying people presents that make them smile. Since the Corps of Cadets are authorized to decorate their rooms for holidays, my roommate and I went all out decorating this past weekend. In my opinion, the main attraction to our room is a purple Christmas tree with a pink sequin tree skirt, pink garland, and a pink star at the top.


However, the downside to all of this holiday cheer is finals. I have a Calculus, Chemistry, History, and Macroeconomics final on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday respectively. I believe the last time I had to take four finals in one semester was maybe junior year. I guess that’s just the difference between high school and college. While this semester proved to me that college academics can be very challenging, I also learned that with a little perseverance, I can handle anything thrown my way. I am very excited to continue my career at the United States Coast Guard Academy.


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