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Core Curriculum at the CGA

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Kloo  Photo The academics here are rigorous but more than that, they are incredibly diverse, which is something I am starting to appreciate. One of the best parts of any college experience is to be able to decide, in part, what you are going to learn. CGA has a really heavy core curriculum, which to some people may sound like a bad thing, but in reality it is something to welcome.


The variety of topics covered in the mandated courses is something I value much more than when I started. For example I am a Marine Environmental Science major focusing on chemistry and physical oceanography. Currently I am taking Meteorology, Marine Biology, and Physical Chemistry. I am also taking Ships and Maritime Systems and last year I took Statics and Engineering Design, neither of which is specifically for my major but the knowledge I gained from those two engineering classes often times help me in day to day problems but also will be invaluable in my career and life. We also take several non-technical classes, which include Macroeconomics, Morals and Ethics, and Writing about Literature, all of which are have provided me with skills and knowledge that will serve me for the rest of my life.


So if you are reading this and thinking that perhaps a large core curriculum is something that isn’t for you, I would recommend you reconsider. A strong core curriculum diversifies your knowledge, makes you more well-rounded. This is something you cannot really appreciate until something you learned in core class comes in handy.


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