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Balancing Life

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Ellis Photo It’s that time of year again, the leaves are changing and the air is getting chilly. These past few weeks have been crazy. I cannot believe that I am already halfway through my first semester. I have been so busy with sailing and academics and the military stuff that time has almost literally flown by.


Sailing has been great! I’ve gone to a regatta every weekend, so I’ve traveled from St Mary’s College of Maryland to Dartmouth! I’ve had so much fun with the team and I’ve learned a lot too. We are doing well, at the moment the women’s team is in 15th in the nation. We have a lot of fun planned, like dressing up at practice and carving pumpkins! We are also working hard since we have our qualifiers soon.


Academically, the Academy has been fairly easy for me. However, I am always busy doing homework and studying. I get a lot of help from my classmates and my teachers; everyone is really willing to help here. I can’t believe that I’m halfway through the semester. I am already counting down the days to go until Thanksgiving. And only a week after that I have Christmas leave! It will be nice to have a break; it will be my first real break since June!


Here in Chase Hall, everything is going well. All of us 4/c’s are doing our fourth class stuff. We are squaring our corners and meals, and yelling indoc at clocks, and making sure our uniforms look good. We are kept busy doing little annoying tasks, like cleaning the bathroom and taking out the trash. It isn’t hard; it just takes up our time. I just like to think about the fact that in another year, I will have so much more time since I won’t be doing these things. Also one of the perks of having to know my meals is that I can decide what I’m going to eat every day!


Needless to say, my life here at the Academy is going really well. School, sailing and military things are keeping me busy. The key is to just keep your morale up. I don’t let many things upset me because I remember where I am and how lucky I am to be here.


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