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Women’s Rugby

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 Sutschek PhotoThe 2012 rugby season kicked off this weekend when we played Hartford University. We won the game 41-5; a great start to the season! Rugby, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the sport, is similar to football except that you can only pass the ball backwards. Another key difference is that rugby players don’t typically wear a lot of padding, which is one of the many reasons it is superior to football. Thus, I forgot how sore I was going to be on Sunday. Nevertheless, rugby is an exciting sport that I encourage everyone to try.


Though we have gotten our first game out of the way, our season will continue through most of October and possibly into November. This means that by the time I get back from practice, shower, and eat dinner, it may be as late as 7:30 (or 1930 for those so inclined). My class schedule also requires me to use my time wisely. I only have one period off throughout the day.


In high school, I procrastinated on just about everything. But no matter how late I would put things off, I usually did pretty well and I still got to bed at a decent hour. The same can’t be said about the Academy. If I procrastinate on homework, studying, etc., the work quickly piles up and becomes unmanageable. Oftentimes, my physical state after rugby practice leaves me disinclined to do any of my schoolwork. But my academic struggles last year made me realize that I can’t afford to procrastinate like I have in the past. My sleep and my academic record are much too valuable.


No matter how hard you try to fight it, you will have to become proficient at managing your time if you come here.


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